One of our newest offerings is high resolution orthographic mapping.  You tell us what area you want mapped, and the boundaries, and we deliver a web-based interface to a detailed map of your area, superimposed on a lower resolution satellite image of the surrounding area for positioning.  We also supply an elevation overlay at no extra charge.  For a sample, click here.

This could elevation map be used to identify drainage issues, among other use cases.  Note that there is an annotation tool which measure area.  In the sample we measured the area of the solar panels on one of the houses.  It is 27 sq. yds.  You can also do volume measures.  The use of these maps for surveys, construction, real estate, home repair, roof repair, solar panel installation, drainage installation, and insurance claims is evident.   

The sample map I made is about .6 inches/pixel.  We could even get higher resolution if needed (1 centimeter per pixel, for example).  Satellite imaging is typically far worse; note that the neighboring area on the public maps is at least 2ft/pixel.

With the online tools you can annotate and view the maps as you wish.  You can zoom in or out with a mouse.  The map is not available to the public; only to whomever has the link.  We can deliver the map to you for off-line viewing in GeoTIFF, JPG, DEM, Colorized GeoTIFF, Colorized DEM, 3D Google Earth (KMZ), Point Cloud (LAS), Point Cloud XYZ RGB (TXT), 3D Model (OBJ), 3D Material (MTL), and 3D Texture (JPG).  We can also produce a rotating 3D model (really nice for that special project with awesome elevation and views).  Here is a screen shot:

On the sample map link you can see the false color elevation map superimposed on the satellite map by clicking on the stack icon in the upper right, (looks like this: 

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 11.18.04 PM

Choose the last item on the drop down list which has the legend ending in “Elev”.  This also brings up a legend at the bottom of the screen for above MSL in feet.  This will let you estimate elevation changes (for example the palm tree near the center of the map is around 30 ft.)

Maps can also be made of fields, any size, and with as much as 1 cm/pixel resolution you can inspect the vegetation close up for assesment of field conditions.



For small inspections, such as individual roof inspections, orthographic maps can be made in your choice of resolution:

Eureka Springs Roof HDR

To facilitate location of broken roofing tiles (without having to climb a ladder!), a special edge detection view is available:

Eureka Springs Roof Edges

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